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Physical Therapy in Cameron County TX Surge Mobile Physical Therapy

Reclaim Flexibility, Ease Stiff Joints, and Loosen Tight Muscles!

For a limited time only, claim a $30 Initial Stretch Session ($120 Value!)

No Referral Needed!

We Accept BCBS, United Health, Trícare, Humana, Cigna, Assurance/IMS, Aetna and Medicare!
If you do not see your insurance, please just let us know which PPO plan you have.

60+ 5-Star Google Reviews!

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"Where the Science of Healing & the Art of Caring Come Together."

Request Your $30 First Stretch Session!

Start Enjoying the Benefits:

Stiffness & Soreness Relief
With stretching, you can establish a better resting muscle tone and make everyday movement more efficient.

Improved Range of Motion
By working with and restoring your muscles' natural elasticity, our stretch program can help you improve your active range of motion.

Feel Lighter & Younger
Over time, many people slowly lose their flexibility. Our stretching program can help slow down the aging process by improving your posture and circulation.

Enhance Your Physical Ability
The days when stretches are solely reserved for your warm-up routine before exercise are long gone. Your physical ability can be enhanced when working towards your ideal functional flexibility.


Stretch and Flexibility Coach Rene Guerrero is dedicated to delivering a high-quality stretch experience as a part of our wellness services to ensure you maintain the flexibility to live life on your terms.

So whether you are looking to take your fitness to the next level or facing a limited range of motion, chronic soreness and inflexibility, our stretch program can help you enjoy the therapeutic and performance benefits of stretching.

Stretch and Flexibility Coach Rene Guerrero is happy to help you schedule your first stretch session or answer any questions you have about our assisted stretching program available at our Olmito clinic.

Patient Testimonial

Claim Your $30 Assisted Stretching Health Assessment!

Distinct from from stretching at home, assisted stretching at Surge Mobile Physical Therapy is a personalized program performed by our stretch and flexibility coaches.

By using specific techniques that go beyond the stretches you can do by yourself, our stretch and flexibility coaches can position your body so that it can fully relax and achieve a full stretch. One of the best benefits of assisted stretching is our expertise in how the body works to prevent you from over-stretching while still unlocking the full benefits that a complete stretch provides.

We can help you achieve the lifestyle you deserve and we can’t wait to help you move better, perform better and sleep better!

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